"We take care of you from the first call, until the last passenger has deplaned"

Welcome to the new way of handling charter and ACMI flights, as well as aircraft sales.

Nordic European Aviation -NEA has developed, one to the airline industry complelety new approach, based on the mulitude of interactions between the customer and the serivce provider, to ensure a business satisfaticon for both parties.

NEA's mediator concept encomprises to be involved in most issues of the purchased operations, both as "middleman", but also performing a variety of tasks in negotiations, planning, and the operations themselves of the air serivces that the responsiblity has been unclear traditionally. Mostly they have been left to a "grey area" belonging to either party of air services provided.

Our long experience in the industry has shown us the way of being the third party along to ensure smooth and reliable air operations for all parties involved. More about us on this site!

Our staff has been for decades in the airline, travel and aviation business.